Shelters of Silence Top 15

So far, my most popular photographs are:


1. Notre Dame, Paris (52 notes)

2. St James Park, London (36 notes)

3. ex æquo Road to Incheon Airport and Changdeokgung Flowers, Seoul (31 notes both)

The following eleven:

5. Korean Electricity (28 notes)

6. Round Cloud (25 notes)

ex æquo The Circle and Notre Dame, Strasbourg (23 notes both)

9. Changdeokgung, Seoul (22 notes)

10 ex æquo Berlin Underground and Paris Montparnasse Train Station (21 notes both)

12 ex æquo Untitled (Lonely Hand) and People in the Underground, London and Notre Dame, Chartres (20 notes all three)

15. Horse and Bath, Ardèche (19 notes)

My comment:

Strangely none of these photos is one of my favorites.

But no doubt you must have missed these photos here: Palast der Republik ; The “Ink” Set ; The “Filature” triptych

Otherwise, it seems that you particularly like the French cathedrals and subways.

Anyway, thank you so much for following, liking and reblogging. You encourage me a lot.

(and this is my 500th post!)

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